Our Iola Location’s Delivery Truck

February 27, 2020

This Hampel truck started with us brand new in 2006 at our Iola, Kansas location and has been there ever since. Our TM Daniel Mathew has been driving it for the last 12 years and considers it his “calling card”. The truck and the condition of the truck gives the sort of positive first impression that Hampel Oil is known for through out all of our locations, and it's because of people like Daniel Mathew.

Daniel treats the Hampel truck with the same sort of care and respect that he does with all of his customers. 

It’s hard to catch the truck while it’s making deliveries in Iola and the surrounding area, but at trade shows and the occasional parade, people point out what a nice looking truck it is, and some even point out how difficult it must be to keep it in such good condition when Daniel is always out making deliveries.


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