Our Very Own Fairy Rosenbusch’s Book: My Friend, Jaxon

January 15, 2021

We asked Fairy to let us know a bit more about the book and the story behind it. Click here to buy the book and see what she had to say about it all below.


Well, the book is true 😊 

It is written as a children’s book, however, it is relatable to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one or a pet. 

For my part, I lost my husband of 10 years, in 2018, when our youngest son was not yet two years old.  I have recently remarried, and have been so very blessed to have a wonderful life.  And I never forget there is an angel over my shoulder.

“My Friend, Jaxon”, is told from the perspective of our rescue pup, Cowboy.  We adopted him the day after we lost Jaxon very unexpectedly.  Jaxon was my husband’s dog for over 14 years.  Carl had never had children of his own, so Jaxon was like his child.  It was a tough time.

Cowboy has stolen all our hearts and has been a blessing to our whole family. 

I have been writing my whole life, and all my friends and family have encouraged me to have my works published.  This is my first time writing a children’s book, but it was just in my heart, and came very naturally.

In short, I published it not to make money, or a name for myself.  I just wanted it to serve as a little point of hope and encouragement to everyone who reads it.




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