The Road to Complete System Protection

March 12, 2021

Chevron 600 ADF

After Treatment Protection

Drain Intervals

Fuel Economy


OEM Engines designs need to breathe…intake and exhaust

            (If intake or exhaust is restricted it can cause higher fuel consumption)

What plugs intake air flow?  Intake air filter contamination – typically an easy fix

What causes DPF exhaust to plug?  Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) contamination – no easy fix

DPF contamination Problems:

  • 10% comes from engine components such as iron, copper, tin, lead and outside elements such as dirt and silica’s
  • 90% of the contamination comes from additives in the engine oil such as zinc
  • By products from the engine such as ash can be burned off in a DPF
  • DPF CANNOT burn off metals

Chevrons answer to this Problem ?

Chevron 600 ADF Engine Oil with Omnimax a Patent Technology

  • After Treatment Protection
    • It has 60% less sulfated ash
    • Can extend DPF life by 2.5 times
  • Drain Intervals
    • In an oxidation tests it has double the life of standard CK-4 formulas
    • Helps extend drain intervals to OEM recommended limits and possibly more
  • Fuel Economy
    • Less ash can reduces fuel consumption = 3% fuel savings over time
    • Creates less back pressure from plugging


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