Things to be thankful for duing thanksgiving

November 24, 2021

  1. The most important thing that we are thankful for would have to be our employees. We truly have the strongest, smartest, most dedicated employees that we could ever hope to have and we are thankful for them not just now but every day and hour of every year that we continue to be able to help our customers. We couldn't do any of the things we do without our employees and we thank you all for everything you do! Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!
  2. We are thankful today for our customers. When Al Hampel started Hampel Oil his goal was to continue to help the customers he'd started with working with Amoco Oil, and then to spread that attitude of helping people grow their businesses to new customers. That same attitude has continued to help Hampel Oil grow to something more than anything that Al Hampel could have ever anticipated or dreamt of it all becoming. Out customers are what has helped Hampel Oil grow not just as a company but as a service. To all of our customers now and future, we are thankful for you and for all that your businesses have helped Hampel Oil to become. To learn more about Hampel Oil's history and how we can help your businesses grow visit our website.
  3. Asking around for suggestions on what to be thankful for, everyone here at Hampel Oil led with being thankful for their families - and none of their family members were standing near them to hear so you know it was genuine. We would like to say thank you to the families of all of our employees for doing whatever you did to raise such amazing people who decided to lend their skills and positive attitudes to Hampel Oil. We are thankful for all of our families - even that one weird family member we all have - who support us when we fall and cheer us on when we succeed. We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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