For more than half a century, CITGO has been engineering and producing cutting-edge lubricants capable of standing up to extreme conditions. Our product solutions keep equipment running at optimum levels in the harshest environments while helping operations stay efficient and competitive. CITGO Lubricants is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. This will be accomplished by:

  • Satisfying mutually agreed upon expectations and customer requirements.
  • Focusing on quality, employee involvement and continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Establishing and maintaining an effective quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001.

Certifications Achieved and Maintained

ISO 9001 – CITGO Lubricant Plants

ISO 9001 – LubeAlert Oil Analysis Program

You’ll find them everywhere you look. High-quality CITGO lubricating oils, keeping things running.

With more than 85 years of experience manufacturing top-quality lubricants, we can help with all your lubricant needs. Sure, specifications can be different from one tough job to the next. That’s why CITGO produces an extensive inventory of different lubricants.

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- CITGO CITGARD 700 Synthetic Blend Engine Oils deliver the performance needed for newer engine designs while improving performance in older engines. Engineered with a proprietary additive technology that protects engines running at higher operating temperatures and fuel injection pressures, while meeting tighter wear limits and lower emission requirements. 

- CITGO CITGARD CNG/LNG Synthetic Blend Engine Oil is specially formulated for natural gas (CNG/LNG), diesel and gasoline fueled engines. CITGARD CNG/LNG Engine Oil utilizes CONVERGE Engine Oil Technology which provides multi-fueled vehicles with optimum performance capability without compromising overall performance.

- CITGO CITGARD SynDurance PLUS Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil’s Advanced Fuel Efficiency formula delivers maximum fuel economy, extreme cold temperature performance and superior engine durability. These engine oils contain a careful balance of synthetic base oil components with a shear stable viscosity modifier, which insures heavily loaded engine parts have protective oil films.

- CITGO QuatraSyn Synthetic Transmission Fluid is a full synthetic, multipurpose heavy duty transmission fluid designed for use in a variety of automatic transmission applications and is engineered for severe duty service. This fluid improves maintenance efficiency by extending transmission life, resulting in reduced downtime and lower repair costs.


CITGO SynDurance® 668 Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

The all-new CITGO SynDurance 668 ATF is approved by Allison Transmission for use in applications where a TES 668™ fluid is specified. It is backward compatible for use in applications requiring a TES 295® fluid. This full synthetic fluid is engineered for:

  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Smoother transmission shifts
  • Protection of critical components from premature failure
  • Extended oil drain intervals

SynDurance® 668 ATF is a technological improvement on QuatraSyn® Synthetic Transmission Fluid, typically used in vocational vehicles such as refuse trucks, construction material trucks, and other vocational vehicles operating in frequent stop-and-go conditions. SynDurance 668 ATF is a more competitively-priced offering for your customers.

CITGO recommends SynDurance 668 as a replacement for QuatraSyn Synthetic Transmission Fluid.

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